5 Benefits of Small Camper Vans

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, particularly when it comes to camper vans. Small camper vans have several advantages over larger RV’s and motorhomes. If you’re debating on the type of camper to get, there are several benefits of small camper vans that you may not have considered.

Benefit #1: Easy to maneuver
When you own a camper van, you’ll be visiting all sorts of new places around the country. Driving in a new environment can be a challenge, particularly if you have to maneuver a huge RV or motorhome. Small camper vans have the advantage of being as easy to drive as a compact van. In fact, the VW Transporter is one of the most popular small camper vans because of it’s compact size.

Benefit #2: Lower cost
In general, small camper vans are more affordable than their larger sized counterparts. If you’re looking to find second hand camper vans for sale on a limited budget, you will have more options to choose from than if your heart were set on a larger RV or motorhome.

Benefit #3: Better gas mileage
Smaller means more fuel efficiency. With any RV, camper van or motorhome, your number one ongoing expense will be fuel costs. With a small camper van, expect to get significantly better gas mileage than you would with a larger vehicle. If you decide to buy one of the used camper vans for sale, be sure to have a mechanic give it a thorough inspection. Also ask for maintenance records and inquire about the fuel efficiency. Some older models, particularly if they haven’t been well maintained, may not get the best mileage so it’s better to find out in advance.

Benefit #4: Easier to store
Small camper vans can be stored in the average garage. There’s no need to find special parking or build a giant sized garage for the winter season. You also don’t have to worry about clearance at most drive-through windows or in parking garages built for standard sized cars, trucks and vans.

Benefit #5: Less expensive to insure
Smaller vehicles are generally less to insure since their overall value is a bit less. If you’re concerned about recurring costs like insurance and maintenance, a small camper van can help you keep your monthly expenses low.

Small camper vans are easy to maneuver, less expensive in terms of up front costs, insurance and fuel and are easier to store when not in use. In your search for the perfect camper van, why not take a look at the various small vans on the market?

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