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Safety Tips When Towing a Camper Trailer: Inspecting Tires and Breaks

Whether you’re an experienced camper or looking into camper trailers for sale, there are many factors to consider to have the safest trip when towing your trailer. Looking into your tires and brakes are two crucial aspects that we will cover in detail as you read on, but please know that there are other things you should have on your safety checklist before taking any trips, so keep yourself informed.

Taking care of your tires

You can never check your tires too frequently. A flat tire on your trailer can go easily unnoticed, especially in tandem wheels or multiple axle trailers, which can result in your wheel catching fire. While you’re on the road, it’s recommended that each time you stop at a gas station you walk around your trailer hitting your tires lightly with a tire iron, making sure they all sound the same. Also, try to spot any tire with higher temperature than the rest, feeling each one with your hand. This is a sign of a tire getting low. Finally, before any trip you should measure the pressure on every tire, making sure that they are within a safe range.

Wheel lug nuts in good condition are crucial for a safe trip. It’s important to check them constantly because they will loosen over time, especially on a new trailer or a wheel that has been recently replaced. In these cases, you should check the torque on all wheels after driving from 25 to 50 miles. Acquiring a torque wrench will allow you to do this much faster and better. Make sure you always have all lug nuts on your tires, never drive a loaded trailer with a damaged or missing lug nut.

Tow Vehicle and Trailer Brakes

First of all it’s important to note that the more break you have the better off you’ll be. This sounds very basic, but what it means is that having good, effective breaks on your towing vehicle and more breaks on your trailer will ensure a safer drive. Also, having disk brakes instead of drum brakes will be better, as they are more effective.

If you’re starting out driving with a trailer you should be prepared for breaking emergencies. Practicing for this is as simple as finding a road with no traffic, getting up to good speed, and breaking suddenly. The objective of this is to get a good feel of how much pressure to apply on the breaks and the distance it takes to slow down. Be careful not to overdo it and lose control, just get to know your vehicle, so when an unforeseen event happens you feel more confident and calm.

Reduce the wear on your breaks, aid them by using your engine and lowering the gears, especially as you drive at greater speeds and going downhill. It’s equally important to avoid riding your breaks (having your right foot on the accelerator and left on the break). This will overheat your break and they will lose their effectiveness much faster.

Having electric brakes on your trailer is a great asset, but you should be careful when working with them. Learn as much as possible about how electric breaks work and how to adjust the controllers that trigger them. You should know that after setting this controller, the brake applied to your trailer tires will not depend on how hard you press the pedal, but on how you adjusted it. For example, if you turn it all the way up, the slightest pressure you apply can result in locking your trailer breaks.

If you are on a rush to leave it’s easy to forget what to check on your trailer, so having a checklist you can quickly go over is highly recommended. After consulting with a San Diego towing company, they pointed out that keeping an eye on your tires and breaks constantly dramatically increases chances of having a smooth ride, so don’t take this lightly and add these two important items to your checklist.

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4×4 Camper Vans for Sale

If you’re looking to truly explore the open road, there’s no better way than with a 4 x 4 camper van. Instead of sticking to the highway, you can choose to take off across the beach, head up a scenic mountain and have no trouble hauling any kind of vehicle or trailer. While 4 x 4 camper vans are relatively rare, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. In this guide we’ll give you a few models to keep an eye out for and what to do if you can’t find the perfect camper van with 4 x 4 capabilities already on board.

4 x 4 Camper Van Models
If you’re looking for 4 x 4 used camper vans, you’ll have fewer choices than if you don’t need 4 x 4. That said, having the ability to go off-road is definitely an asset if you want to see varied types of terrain. Here is a list of some of the popular camper vans that are available with a 4 x 4 option:

  • VW T4 Kombi Syncro 4 x 4- Not many of these were made, so if you can get your hands on one, take advantage.
  • Ford E350 Conversions – These tend to be extremely popular. The diesel engine is great for fuel economy and there are many companies that specialize in doing conversions with the E350. Note that fully tricked out vehicles are likely to set you back $65,000 – $75,000.

Expand your Options
One possibility is to look at all types of used camper vans for sale, and then add 4 x 4 capability after you’ve made your purchase. There are a number of outfits that specialize in retrofitting wheels, suspensions, breaks – the works. Granted, this method is more expensive than looking at camper vans for sale that are already equipped with 4×4 capabilities. However, 4 x 4 camper vans can be few and far between so sometimes it makes sense to pay a bit more to get exactly the right camper, and then add 4 x 4 later.

A 4 x 4 camper van truly expands your horizons. If you have the chance, spend some time test-driving 4 x 4 campers to see what you think. If you can’t find many, give a thought to renting one for a weekend trip. Also, rental outfits can be a great place to find used 4 x 4 camper vans that are being retired from rental stock. Inquire with local dealers to find out if they have any models that they will be selling. You can often get on the waiting list with rental dealers too, which can be a great way to score a vehicle that has been well maintained.

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Backpacker Camper Vans: See Australia in Style

What is Backpacker?
Backpacker is the trade name of one of Australia’s top tourist companies. They operate the largest campervan and car rental company in Australia. With 11 branches in Australia and 6 in New Zealand, they’re well positioned to offer local and foreign travelers rental services. They have a fleet of over 4000 camper vans and vehicles in a wide range of categories. All of their rentals come with 24 hour roadside assistance.

Try a Rental
If you’re in the market for camper van conversions, renting for a trip or two can be a great way of trying one out before making the move to purchase. Rentals allow you to take any one of a number of different models for an extended test drive. If you just can’t decide between sprinter van conversions or a 4×4 camper van for example, renting will allow you to try both types in real-world situations. A quick 15 minute test drive at a dealer won’t tell you the same amount as a full length trip in a camper van.

If you’re not looking to buy but are just interested in visiting and seeing the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand, there’s no better way than in your own Backpacker rental. You can pick up from one rental outlet and return to a different location for maximum flexibility.

Backpacker offers rentals in several categories:

  • Breezer (2 berth sleepervan)
  • Nomad (2 berth campervan)
  • Wanderer (2 berth with toilet & shower)
  • Warrier (4 berth)
  • 4WD (2 berth)

Great Place to Find Used Camper Vans for Sale
If you’re looking for a good quality, used camper van, Backpacker is a great place to shop. Since Backpacker has a huge fleet, they’re always upgrading their models and so have a fair number for sale at any particular time. Since they were part of a rental fleet you can expect their used camper vans to be fairly well used, but also well maintained.If you decide to purchase from Backpacker, ask to see service records and ask about known defects or deferred maintenance that will need to be performed. Backpacker does tend to keep it’s fleet for several years, so expect their used vehicles to be at least 5 years old, sometimes more. However, camper vans kept in good condition can give you many more years of service.

If you’re considering a campervan purchase or you just want to explore the beauty of Australia, consider Backpacker as a good source for information. They have reasonable rental rates (expect to pay about $600 AUD for a 1 week Nomad rental) and are happy to assist you in planning an itinerary.

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Second Hand Motorhomes for Sale

Motorhomes, just like cars depreciate the moment you drive them off of the lot. If you’re looking to save some money on the purchase of a motorhome or RV, why not consider one of the second hand motorhomes for sale? By buying a motorhome with only one previous owner, you put yourself in a position to get the best of both worlds. First, you’ll have saved yourself from the largest depreciation dip that happens just after you purchase a new vehicle. Second, the motorhome with only one previous owner will be in good condition, and if you’re lucky not too old. In this guide we’ll give you some tips for finding the best used motorhomes for sale and how to ensure that the motorhome you choose will fit your needs for the long-term.

Finding Used Motorhomes
There are a few places you can go to find quality used motorhomes for sale.

  1. Online Directories
    Pros: Good selection, ability to compare lots of models quickly and from your own home, easy price comparison.
    Cons: Pictures can be misleading, it can be risky to buy a vehicle online so you’ll still need to look at the vehicle in person to do an inspection, asking questions takes time over email.
  2. Local Dealers
    Pros: Ability to ask questions, compare several similar models all in one place, take one or more test-drives, financing is usually available.
    Cons: Can be more expensive, more likely to get a pushy salesman who wants to talk you into a newer model, fewer options to compare at one time.
  3. Private Parties
    Pros: Lower prices (usually), best way to get 1:1 information about past maintenance and repairs
    Cons: You’ll need to visit several individuals to test drive multiple motorhomes before making a decision, financing is not available and there is no recourse if you change your mind after a sale

If you’re interested in particular brands, say Jayco motorhomes, then going to a local dealer that specializes in them can be well worth the trip. They can tell you of any used Jayco motorhomes for sale on their lot  and can also be a wealth of information about the brand in particular. Dealers sometimes are able to offer extended warranties on used motorhomes as well.

Choose Right
To find the best motorhome, be sure to think about what your average trip will be like and determine how long you plan on owning this particular motorhome. If you want to go on extended trips with lots of family and want to own the motorhome for at least 7 years, your purchase will likely be significantly different than if you want to go on weekend trips with 2 people and want to trade up in a year or two. Plan carefully and you’ll find yourself with a great second hand motorhome that you’ll be pleased with.

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Cheap Motorhomes: Fun on a Budget

Don’t let a limited budget keep you from enjoying weekends exploring with the family. With some planning and perseverance it is possible to find cheap motorhomes. In this guide we’ll give you some tips on setting a budget, determining your needs and where to shop for cheap motorhomes. Set a Budget
The first step for finding a cheap motorhome is to define your budget. Cheap to you may be expensive to someone else and vice versa, so know in advance how much you’re willing to spend. It’s also a good idea to factor in a budget for mechanic inspections, licensing and initial repairs. If your budget is low, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a motorhome but it will likely mean you will need to put in some extra elbow grease to get it in top condition. Wants vs. Needs
One way to help meet your set budget is to sit down with your family and determine what your needs are vs. your wants. That proposal, however, drew protests from members essay writing mechanics of mr. You may want to look only at Jayco motorhomes that have top of the line surround sound and flat screen TV’s, but is that a want or a need? Start a list with two columns. In the first column write down all of the features you’d like to have. In the second column start by writing a W for want or N for need. After you’ve categorized all the features, you can do another prioritization by putting a number after the W or N. The priority #1 might be “good mechanical condition”. It may be that the flat screen TV ends up being a #30 on your list of wants. Having this type of list will help everyone involved in the buying decision get on the same page. Finding Second Hand Motorhomes for Sale
There are a few great ways you can find a good quality motorhome for an affordable price. Online listings are often the easiest and fastest way to see a wide range of motorhomes. Surveying various online classified sites will help you determine what type of vehicles are available within your price range. Whether you’re looking for Jayco motorohomes for sale or VW’s, the internet can help you determine which brands have the highest ratings. Once you’ve got a general idea of what the market is like, you can refine your search. Begin looking at local dealers to see what kind of inventory they have. Plan on spending a few weekends doing test drives and determining which brands you really like. This is the time to get the whole family involved as your new motorhome will be your “home away from home” when you’re on vacation.