Backpacker Camper Vans: See Australia in Style

What is Backpacker?
Backpacker is the trade name of one of Australia’s top tourist companies. They operate the largest campervan and car rental company in Australia. With 11 branches in Australia and 6 in New Zealand, they’re well positioned to offer local and foreign travelers rental services. They have a fleet of over 4000 camper vans and vehicles in a wide range of categories. All of their rentals come with 24 hour roadside assistance.

Try a Rental
If you’re in the market for camper van conversions, renting for a trip or two can be a great way of trying one out before making the move to purchase. Rentals allow you to take any one of a number of different models for an extended test drive. If you just can’t decide between sprinter van conversions or a 4×4 camper van for example, renting will allow you to try both types in real-world situations. A quick 15 minute test drive at a dealer won’t tell you the same amount as a full length trip in a camper van.

If you’re not looking to buy but are just interested in visiting and seeing the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand, there’s no better way than in your own Backpacker rental. You can pick up from one rental outlet and return to a different location for maximum flexibility.

Backpacker offers rentals in several categories:

  • Breezer (2 berth sleepervan)
  • Nomad (2 berth campervan)
  • Wanderer (2 berth with toilet & shower)
  • Warrier (4 berth)
  • 4WD (2 berth)

Great Place to Find Used Camper Vans for Sale
If you’re looking for a good quality, used camper van, Backpacker is a great place to shop. Since Backpacker has a huge fleet, they’re always upgrading their models and so have a fair number for sale at any particular time. Since they were part of a rental fleet you can expect their used camper vans to be fairly well used, but also well maintained.If you decide to purchase from Backpacker, ask to see service records and ask about known defects or deferred maintenance that will need to be performed. Backpacker does tend to keep it’s fleet for several years, so expect their used vehicles to be at least 5 years old, sometimes more. However, camper vans kept in good condition can give you many more years of service.

If you’re considering a campervan purchase or you just want to explore the beauty of Australia, consider Backpacker as a good source for information. They have reasonable rental rates (expect to pay about $600 AUD for a 1 week Nomad rental) and are happy to assist you in planning an itinerary.

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