Investigating Camper Vans for Rent

If you enjoy getting out with a camper van, your first impulse may be to purchase one for regular use. However, that may not be the most cost effective way to invest your money. Before you make a final decision why not investigate camper vans for rent as well as camper vans for sale?

Estimated Amount of Usage
In order to determine whether buying or renting a camper van is the better way to go, you will first need to determine how often you plan on using the camper van. Grab a calendar and begin marking off the number of weekend or week long trips you plan on taking over the course of a year. Once you determine the total number of days you estimate you will use the camper van you can begin to estimate whether buying or renting will be the way to go. For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that you will spend 40 days a year using your camper van.

Finding a Camper Van for Sale
When comparing renting versus buying, you’ll need to compare equivalent models. Take a look at a few models and determine which camper van you would be most likely to purchase. Ask yourself whether you have to have new or if considering used camper vans would be an advantage given the cost savings. Once you find a model you think you’d enjoy, take the total cost and divide by the number of years of service you think you’d be able to get from it. Then further divide by 40 to get your cost per day. This will be a rough estimate since we’re not including the estimated cost of repairs.

Camper Vans for Rent
Finding a camper van for rent can be a little more difficult. There are fewer places to rent from than there are to buy from. However, with some dedication you should be able to find an RV rental company that can accommodate you. Most companies will be able to quote you a cost per day rental rate.

Armed with the per day cost for rent and for purchasing you’ll quickly be able to see which will be more cost effective. With purchasing there are also a few other costs. You’ll have ongoing insurance, maintenance and storage expenses. Another drawback of owning is that you’re locked into one year and model until you sell. When you rent you can continue to rent newer models as they come out.

Whether you choose to rent or buy, investigating the various types of camper vans for rent is a good idea. There are many advantages to renting – just a bit of research will help you determine which is the right choice for you.

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