The Process of Leasing Camper Vans

The Process of Leasing Camper Vans

Renting or leasing camper vans has been a common practice around the world. This is mainly because leasing them is a much practical and economical option. Not everybody can afford to purchase these vans since owning one would involve a huge sum of money. Therefore, you really have to stringently scrutinize your choices.

Leasing Preliminaries

When leasing these vans, it is important that the driver is at least 21 years old or above. Majority of the rental agencies strictly follow this policy since drivers below 21 are more at risk of getting into road accidents. Hence, they are quite strict about implementing this rule.

Since there are plenty of rental companies and agencies that lease campers or caravenettes, it is critical that you do a preliminary research to find those with good reputation. Make sure to only transect with credible and trustworthy rental companies to ascertain an excellent quality of service. That being said, it would be ideal to do a phone inquiry or visit their physical office to ask about their rental services. Bear in mind that the policies and fees applied by rental agencies vary greatly. Hence, it is critical that you choose wisely.

The Rental Procedure

Normally, the process of renting a campervan starts by locating credible rental agencies. Most people do an online search to get the contact and address information of camper rental services operating in their area. After they have acquired the contact information, they would normally call or visit the rental agency to inquire more about their services.

The rental agency, on the other hand, will give the client an overview about their policies and rental regulations. Once the client has been briefed about the agency’s rental rules, it is up to them to decide whether they would pursue the transaction. By this time, the client would typically clarify things to help them arrive with an informed decision.

It is important that you make reservations ahead of time to ascertain that the rental camper will be available on the day that you need it. That is why you have to inform the rental agent when you are planning to use the van. Apart from that, you also have to pick the type of caravenette or camper that you want to lease.

If the negotiation goes well, the rental agency will ask the client to fill out a contract of agreement, which the client should carefully read and understand. The renter will then need to provide the rental agency with a valid driver’s license for reference as well as the signed contract.

Basic rental rates would often include a flat fee, insurance, tax, mileage, and other applicable charges. The renter will also be asked to provide a rental deposit which will be refunded after the campervan has been returned. Rental campers can be leased for a day, a week, or even longer (depending on the rental demand).

Overall, renting camper vans is absolutely a very straight-forward process. However, it is critical that you strictly adhere with the agency’s rental policies and regulations to avoid any forms of complications!

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