Comparing Camping Van Conversions

If you’re thinking about investing in camping van conversions, now is a great time to begin your research. When you start planning and shopping during the cooler months, you’ll have several advantages. First, few people are thinking about camping so you’ll find a lot of great deals. Second, you’re doing the hard work in the off season so you can take your time and still have everything you need to make a final purchasing decision well before spring. In this article we’ll give you some tips and tricks on comparing camping van conversions including how to go about trying before you buy.

Camping Van Conversion Models
There are two primary models of camping van conversions on the market currently:

  • Chevy Express Conversion Van – The Chevy conversion is one of the most popular conversion vans on the market. There are hundreds of ways to customize a Chevy Express straight from the factory to make building out a custom conversion easy. You can also purchase a fully customized Chevy Express from several camping van conversion dealers.
  • Sprinter Van Conversions – If you want a truly luxurious experience and don’t mind paying a little extra, it’s well worth looking at a Sprinter camping van conversion. Built by Mercedes Benz, Sprinters have a reputation for comfort, quality and elegance. They also afford great maneuverability and styling.

Know Your Needs
The best way to prepare for this kind of major purchase is to determine your needs. Will you be using your conversion for weekend getaways, or do you plan on taking longer road trips? How many people on average will travel with you? Will you be cooking in your camping van or only sleeping? The more you know the ways in which you’ll use your camping van conversion, the easier it will be to make the right decision.

An Extended Test Drive
The best way to truly try out the conversion van you’re thinking of, why not investigate conversion van rentals? The beauty of renting is that you can take a similarly equipped model out for a week or a weekend to see how it truly performs. This can also be a good way to compare several campers side by side over the course of a season. The only drawback to renting is that you’ll need to plan a bit ahead and the per-day expense is a bit higher than it would be if you purchased. However, if you think of renting as an insurance policy for getting the right conversion van, the expense is well worth it.

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