There Is More To A Kenyan Or Tanzanian Safari Than Wildlife!

In general, there is more than wildlife when you go visiting East African countries in Africa. Extras to consider while on a Kenya &Tanzania safari adventure includes; Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro climbing adventures, visits to Swahili coastal towns such as; Lamu, Zanzibar, Mombasa and many more for first-hand culture experience and much more. As a matter of fact, with names such as Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, and the likes, East African safari adventures have become quite legendary. These safaris attract people from all walks of life the world over.

Why opt for an East African safari holiday?

When you come visiting East African countries, you are sure to see lots of wildlife in their natural habitant. Furthermore, if you happen to visit East Africa between July and October, you are sure to experience the seventh wonder of the world the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra, antelope of all descriptions and size gazelle, etc., from Serengeti National Park based in Tanzania to the expansive Masai Mara National Reserve on the Kenyan side. This awe-inspiring natural phenomenon attracts thousands of people from all over the world on an annual basis, making it one of the leading contributors to Tanzanian’s and Kenyan’s economy. As a result, lots of world class traveler lodges and hotels have popped up all over the place, offering vacationers a birds-eye view of such awe striking nature happenings. As an add-on, you are apt to see the “big five”, the rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, leopard and lion.

However, there is more to an East African safari holiday than wildlife, game parks and reserves. You can also opt for:

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya climbing excursions

To start with, East Africa has the continent’s two highest mountain peaks, one in Tanzania and another in Kenya. For both hikers and mountain climbers, Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro are a must visit places for them. Hiking and climbing arrangements can be made in advance through your chosen safari company or on the spot.

  • Visits to historic and prehistoric sites

Other than the wildlife and mountain climbing experience, you can opt for the region’s historic and cultural lessons, cultures that span the very length and breadth of humanity. A good place to take these lessons is the small Olduvai Gorge Museum that is situated in the Ngorongoro Conservation Reserve. Other places to visit for cultural lessons include; Lamu, Mombasa and Zanzibar

All in all, there is no doubt that a visit to East Africa leaves a visitor wanting more. So apart from visits to popular game parks and reserves, take time to explore the historic sites and the mountains in Kenya and Tanzania.

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