Types of Camper Van Conversions – An Overview

While nearly any kind of cargo van can be used as a camper van conversion, there are some brands that are more popular for that purpose than others. Here is an overview of some of the more common types of vans:

  • Sprinter Van Conversions – These luxurious camper vans are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. This style of camper van conversion is at the top of the line and includes many deluxe features such as satellite radio, full leather interiors, marine toilets and more. These also tend to be at the top of the price range as well.
  • Chevy Express Conversion Van – With the raised ceiling and side and rear doors, the Chevy Express is one of the most popular conversion van options available. You can order new direct from Chevy and choose from a huge variety of options. You can also purchase a stripped down version and do your own customization work or hire a professional.

Types of Conversion Vans
When it comes to converting a van, there are essentially three types of conversion options:

  • Travel camper van conversions – These are by far the most popular. An empty van is completely overhauled and upgraded to fit the needs of traveling families. Most camper conversion vans include a sleeping area, stove or kitchenette with a sink, seating for additional passengers, and in deluxe models, restroom facilities. Almost all camper van conversions also have deluxe entertainment options like high end stereo systems, flat screen TV’s and a DVD or Blu-Ray player.
  • Accessible van conversions – For individuals who use a wheelchair, accessibility vans are a great option. Most feature lowered floors and raised ceilings to compensate for the difference in seat height found in a wheel chair. Many accessibility conversions feature an automatic lift at either the side or the rear of the van to make entering easy.
  • Office conversions – Probably the least often used type of conversion, an office conversion is useful for traveling salesmen or other individuals who have to combine travel with business. Most feature built in workspace with electrical provisions for computers, phones, printers and more. Some have additional seating for passengers or business associates. These types of vans are often used by film crews.

As you begin to shop for a camper van conversion, make a list of your needs. By doing some organization at the beginning you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re looking for and will be better equipped to evaluate camper van conversions as you find them.

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