General Facts About Used Camper Vans

Used camper vans are typically used for recreational and transportation purposes. Also known as campers or caravenette, they can be either purchased or leased depending on what you think will work best for you. Families, campers, and other people who love the outdoors will certainly find these functional and amazing vehicles very useful. Additionally, they are the common alternative to motor homes and RV’s. In fact, they are the vehicle of choice when:

  • going on an outdoor vacation with family and friends
  • enjoying a scenic ride on state or national forest parks
  • camping out
  • traveling in distant places
  • planning an enjoyable road trip

These used camper vans typically come fully-equipped with useful amenities that may include any of the following:

  • pop-up roof
  • gas hob and grill
  • a kitchenette with a small refrigerator
  • portable toilet and an internal shower
  • satellite/cable television
  • one or more beds (which can double as daytime seating)
  • microware
  • external awning
  • gas or electric powered heaters
  • water tank
  • wastewater tank

Types and Classifications of Campers/Caravenettes

In Europe and other parts of the globe, camping vans or caravenettes are categorized in types and sizes. Bear in mind that they come in different varieties that vary greatly in weight, length, and capacity. That being said, you have to really become familiar with the following classifications of used camper vans for sale so that you can make the best decision.

  • A-class (AC) – A-class campers, which are also known as Winnebagos, are generally small. They have a full-built carriage that sits over a medium to large chassis. Some models are fitted with a hydraulically operated garage that is capable of transporting a small car. While large camper models feature highly-appointed electrically-generating windmills.
  • High-top (HT) – They are generally adapted from high-top vans, and they weigh around 2.8 to 4.5 tonnes. Moreover, they did not undergo extreme body modifications unlike most of the caravenettes. They typically have moving tables and seats as well as fixed beds. Shower and cubicles can also be integrated.
  • Rising roof (RR) – These campers have 2 to 3 tonnes of gross vehicle weight. They are relatively small and have a rising roof with fabric sides. The bed is commonly placed on the rising roof, while shower and toilet are rarely present.
  • Fixed roof (FR) – Like the rising roof campers, these vans are not normally fitted with shower and cubicle. Moreover, they have a similar size with the rising roof camper design. The classic examples of fixed roof campers are the Volkswagen transporter and Mercedes-Benz Vito.

With a number of feasible options available, the selection process can instantly become an arduous task. Hence, knowing the classifications of the available camper types will help you to easily narrow down your search.

Today, many people still find leasing these vans a more practical option since buying one involves a huge investment. With the steadily growing demand for camper vans for rent many companies and agencies are venturing in the campervan rental business. But whether you are planning to lease or buy a camper van, it is vital that you gather enough information about the viable options available to ascertain that you’ll end with the right choice!

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