Buying a Volkswagen T2

If you’re looking for VW camper vans for sale, the Volkswagen T2 is a great model to consider. In this review we’ll give you some insight into the type of T2’s available, how to shop for a used VW camper van and a few tips and tricks for inspecting vehicles on your “maybe” list.

Types of VW T2’s
One of the things that makes Volkswagen vans so popular is the number of variations available. There were many variants of the Volkswagen T2, some of which include:

  • Flatbed pickup truck
  • Panel Van – no windows or rear seats, used primarily as delivery vehicles
  • Bus – Essentially a passenger van
  • Westfalia Camping Van – sometimes called a “Westy” and one of the more popular variants
  • Ambulances, Hearses and even Fire Trucks were also available!

Inspecting Used Camper Vans for Sale
If you’re seriously considering purchasing a used TW T2, it’s important that you do a careful inspection. Many of these vehicles are 60 years old and will likely require a good deal of renovation.When you go out to view particular vehicles, be sure to inspect the following areas:

  • Body: Here you want to be looking for signs of rust as well as body damage. Look for cracks in the roof. Also be sure to look at window and door casings. Vehicles that have not been restored are actually easier to inspect. Some unscrupulous sellers have been known to give a rusty VW a quick coat of paint to hide rust problems. If the paint is new, you may want to have a professional inspect it.
  • Interior: Look for signs of mold and/or mildew. Check all electronic components – windshield wipers, radio, etc. If you’re looking at a camper van variant see which items are in good working order and which will need replacement.
  • Mechanical: If you’re experienced with vehicles you may do this yourself but it’s likely best to have a VW mechanic look it over.

Including Repairs in Your Budget
As part of your camper van budget, consider setting aside money for mechanical inspections and also a budget for repairs after the purchase. For example, if you have $10,000 budgeted for the purchase, you may want to reserve $500 for 5 vehicle inspections and $2500 for must-have repairs. That would leave only $7000 for the actual purchase. Another way of budgeting for repairs is to set aside a specified every month, like you would a car payment. Determine which repairs are most essential and have those completed first. It can also be beneficial to look for a VW T2 expert who can help you complete all the repairs – that way you have one mechanic working on it who can develop a good working knowledge of your particular vehicle.

The VW T2 is a great choice. If you budget wisely you can end up with a terrific camper in great condition, just in time for the camping season.

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