Volkswagen T5: A FAQ

The Volkswagen T5 is the latest in the VW Transporter line of camper vans. If you’re in the market for VW camper vans for sale, you’d do well to consider a VW T5. In this FAQ we’ll answer some of the most common questions about the Volkswagen T5 as well as give you some tips on finding used camper vans for sale.

Q: Where are Volkswagen T5’s distributed?
A: T5’s are distributed in Germany, Turkey, Russia, France, and the UK. The United States does not receive T5’s because of the “chicken” tax which imposes an additional 25% tax on light trucks imported into the U.S.

Q: Can Volkswagen T5’s be customized from the factory?
Absolutely. There are over 100 different variations on the T5. There are some primary areas of customization (wheelbase length, roof line height, and van, bus or truck designs) that mean that if you can think of it, chances are VW can customize it for you. Some common models are: Pickup truck, 9-seater Shuttle bus, Kombi (passenger and cargo van combined) and Crew Cab Pickup.

Q: Which VW T5 Model is the Best Camper Van?
A: If you’re looking for a great camper van, the California Beach and California models are the ones to look at. The California is actually the first camper van to be designed and built by VW Special Business Unit. Here are some of the features of the VW Kombi California: ABS breaks, cruise control, air conditioning, CD player, alloy wheels, full size spare tire, storage nets, heated doors and mirrors, power windows. Additional options include: curtains, seating that converts to a bed, folding door that integrates with the sliding door, swiveling seats, and “pop-top” roof. In the California, additional features include: hydraulic roof with bed space, a kitchen with a sink, two burner gas stove, refrigerator and storage cupboards. The California also sports an awning, folding table and two chairs, satellite system, leather interior and parking sensors.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Find a  Used VW Camper Van?
A: First, determine what features you must have and which are simply nice to have. Then determine your budget. Once you have figured out what your needs are, there are three main places you can look to find great used VW’s. The first is from private party sellers who generally advertise in classifieds. The second place to look is a camper van dealer who specializes in all kinds of campers. This type of retailer can be helpful because you can quickly compare several makes and models. The third place to look for a T5 is a VW dealer.Expect to get better prices from a private party, but dealer sold vehicles will have had a safety inspection.

No matter which route you go, the T5 camper van has a host of great features packed into a good sized, highly maneuverable package.

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