The VW California: A T5 with Great Features

Although named California, the popular VW camper is actually not currently sold in California or any part of the US. When the Westfalia company was purchased by Daimler/Chrysler in 2001, VW decided to build their own VW camper based on their previously successful vehicles. VW T5 California Features

  • Pop top roof with sleeping area available in the California Beach model
  • Folding table designed with the sliding door can be used outdoors with a pair of folding chairs
  • Front seats swivel 180 degrees so a family can take a break and dine or relax to gether
  • A popular “good night package” includes curtains and the seats are designed to be folded into a bed for 2 people
  • Optional awning
  • Kitchen with a sink and gas cooktop, refrigerator and lots of integrated storage cabinets
  • On-board water tanks

Buying a VW California
On average, a new VW California runs £40,000. This may sound like a lot for a van, but what other van allows you to sleep four, cook your own meals and still maneuver in tight city traffic? If you live in Europe you’re in luck. However, if you are located in the US you won’t be able to get your hands on a VW California any time soon. It’s not even currently possible to purchase a VW California and pay for importing – they’re simply not designed to meet US regulations. Pros and Cons of the VW California
Pros: A newer, sleeker version of the classic VW bus, the California can take you where you want to go in comfort and style. It gets relatively good fuel economy and has a lot of standard and optional features to really customize your experience. Cons: While it’s had a makeover, the California lacks some of the charm of the more simple VW bus. Also, the huge price tag will mean that fewer people can afford to buy the California for weekend getaways. There’s also the issue of the California not being available in the US which is a major drawback for VW fans in America. VW California Maintenance
If you run into issues and need VW parts California models are relatively easy to find in the UK. Several merchants are even offering VW California parts on eBay and other auction sites. Depending on the type of repair however it may be in your best interest to have a dealer make the fix. tick the link. Also, check your warranty. Parts are often covered depending on the nature of the problem.